The Persistent Capricorn

the persistent capricorn
Capricorn is all about work – hard work. People born under the sign of Capricorn tend to work overtime just as a matter of habit. The problem is, very few Capricorns work for other people. They soon discover that all their efforts bring much more reward if they work for themselves and they usually start their own business at an early age. Many successful business empires were founded by a Capricorn or have a Capricorn at the helm.

Determination, persistency, reliability are all words that describe the Capricorn character. Although these are obvious Capricorn traits, there is a lot more depth to this sign. To get some inkling into the character of the Capricorn just picture the agile mountain goat leaping up and down a steep cliff. Imagine the combination of skill, courage, ability, confidence and control it takes to balance ones weight on the tiniest foothold on an otherwise blank mountain wall. Now translate all these qualities into everyday life and it’s no longer a surprise why Capricorn is one of the most successful Zodiac signs.
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